Our Process


Law Professionals

The practice of the office with almost all branches of Law, with a particular emphasis on commercial-corporate law and criminal and especially tax criminal law has made us in the consciousness of our numerous clients as the most capable and effective supporters in the defense of their rights and interests their.

Legal Advices

Responding to the modern demands of law and in general the provision of legal services, we proceed with full success in dealing with the complex problems of today’s business, but also of natural persons, offering our clients a comprehensive service by having special departments and collaborations with experienced financial and tax advisors as well as specialized advisors in banking, investment and stock market transactions as well as in the real estate sector.


Over 10 Years of Practice

Our office has achieved positive results in the vast majority of the cases we have handled, but we consider our main achievement to be the different approach to legal theoretical issues, with the result that in many cases we have succeeded in changing the jurisprudence so that it approaches modern needs and requirements of legal thought and doctrine.

Knowledge and Experience

We believe that our firm’s greatest asset is its comprehensive approach to the diverse issues facing the modern citizen and business.


Free Legal Aid

We require from our partners the maximum possible information and training with continuous monitoring of legislation and jurisprudence by maintaining and continuously updating the extensive library we have and subscription to all legal journals and of course electronic information through all existing legal information banks.